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T Shape Connectors for 2.0 Version Color Changing Light Strips (5 Pack)

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Easily connect light strips in a T shape with the T Shape Connectors for the 2.0 Version Color Changing Light Strips.

Product Information:


  • No soldering necessary: these light strip T shaped connectors are extremely easy to install and use
  • Add on more light strips: Add extra light strip rolls or put the strips in a T shape connection with these connectors
  • Snaps right on to strips: Easy connector design takes just minutes to install
  • Locks in tightly: The connector securely locks in to each light strip so it won't fall or move around


1. Open all of the clips of the connector

2. Slide the end of the light strip underneath the contact prongs (Do the same on the all three sides of connectors)

3. Make sure the light strip polarity (positive + and negative -) is aligned with the + and - of the connector

4. Snap the clips shut

(Note: If the polarity + and - is incorrect, the lights won't work properly. Once connected properly, the first and second light strip should light up perfectly.)

Product Specifications:


Package Includes:


  • 5 x T Shaped Light Strips Connectors