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Color Changing LED Light Strip 2.0 (More Colors & Modes)
light strips
Color Changing LED Light Strip 2.0 (More Colors & Modes)
Color Changing LED Light Strip 2.0 (More Colors & Modes)
Color Changing LED Light Strip 2.0 (More Colors & Modes)
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light strips
light strips
50ft light strips
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Color Changing LED Light Strip 2.0 (More Colors & Modes)

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These water-resistant light strips are the perfect lighting for your entire home. Add color and extra lighting to your backyard, patio, and home. 

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Whats New: 

  • Weather and Water Resistant: These awesome RGB light strips have an IP65 waterproof rating, meaning they are protected against dust particles and low-pressure water jets from all angles. These colorful light strips can be used outdoors and are protected from rain and bad weather. Note: Do not submerge these lights in water.
  • Brighter LED Lights: The 2.0 Color Changing Light Strips use even brighter LEDs. These lights use an SMD 5050 chip type, so not only are the lights brighter and smoother, they can produce more colors on the spectrum. These strip lights allow you to produce multiple colors in each strip. 
  • Save your own Custom Colors: The light strips have 6 DIY keys on the remote to allow you to save your own custom colors. These keys make it easy to get back to your favorite color selections.
  • More Colors and Lighting Modes: These upgraded light strips now have 20 different colors to choose from. These lights now have a white light, as well as red, green, and blue color options. The lights now also have 8 different modes: Auto, Flash, Quick, Slow, 2 different Jump, and 2 different Fade modes. 
  • Upgraded IR Remote Controller: The strips have an upgraded remote. The remote now has more color options, more lighting modes, and brightness and dimmer buttons. The remote also comes with 6 DIY keys that allow you to save custom color selections. The IR remote works at a distance of 16-32 ft (5-10 meters). 
  • Strips Can be Made Shorter or Longer: These light strips can be made even longer by attaching multiple strips together with connectors. The strips can also be cut down with scissors if you need them to be a shorter length. These strips allow you to choose the desired length that you need.
  • Plugs into any Wall Outlet: The light strips plug into any wall outlet. No electrical wiring or batteries needed to use these strips. The LED lights use a low power consumption and keep a low temperature even after long, continuous use.
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The 2.0 Color Changing Light Strips will make your home look amazing. These light strips will create a magical ambiance to your home and yard and will surely impress all of your friends and family. 

The color-changing light strips are simple to install, easy to use, and can be used indoors and outdoors. These light strips are perfect for under the bed, around the kitchen cabinets, behind the TV, on the porch or patio, and more. The light strips have a waterproof rating of IP65, so these lights are water resistant and can be used outside, even in rain and bad weather. 

These light strips are remote controlled and have 20 different colors: white, red, green, and blue, and 16 mixed RGB (red, green, blue) color combos. They also have 8 different lighting modes: flash, auto, quick, slow, 2 fade modes, and 2 jump modes. The remote has 6 DIY keys that allow you to add your own custom lighting choices so you can easily turn it on to your desired setting. 

These awesome light strips stick to any surface with an adhesive backing and plug into any outlet. Multiple strips can be attached together with connectors, so you can make them even longer if needed. The long led strip can also be cut down easily with scissors to shorten the length.

Product Specification:

Material: PVC, Copper

Waterproof Rating: IP65

LED Type: SMD 5050

Size: 1 Roll = 16.67ft (5 meters) 

Working Input Voltage: DC 12V

How to Use DIY Remote Buttons to Save Custom Colors:

1. Press a DIY color button (DIY 1-6)

2. Use the red, green, blue keys and the up and down keys to add or subtract colors

3. Press the same DIY button you chose once done to save the custom color

Package Includes:

1 x  Color Changing 2.0 LED Light Strips (32ft comes with 2 x 16.67ft rolls, 50ft comes with 3 x 16.67ft rolls that can be attached together)

1 x light strips connector (1 connector connects all rolls together/ attaches multiple strips together)

1 x light strip remote control (uses 1 x CR2025 battery, battery not included)

1 x wall plug adapter 


Make sure to connect the remote jack input cord to the power adapter;  connect the 4-pin input of the cord to the 4-pin output of the light strips. This is how the remote is connected to the light strips.


  • Place lights on clean, dry surfaces to ensure adhesive tape sticks
  • We have US, EU, UK, and AU plug types. The shipping country your order is placed with will determine which plug type we send to you. Send us an email if you need a different plug type with your order. Thanks!led light strip plug type